Accounts Receivable Finance

American Bank Business Finance strives to provide a level of service that exceeds your expectations. Our experienced professionals are dedicated to providing the best solutions for financing business operations for companies that simply cannot wait for their customers extended payment terms.

Our accounts receivable financing solutions allow companies to quickly and easily access the cash they need to pay bills, purchase inventory and maintain operations without having to wait for customer payments. We provide quick access to cash with next business day funding, competitive rates and flexible terms.

We understand that all companies are unique, and financing solutions should be tailored to the individual needs of businesses. We have the resources and experience to customize a solution to fit your specific situation, and our Dallas, TX based team supports clients in all continental US time zones.

What is Accounts Receivable Financing?

Accounts receivable financing is a product used by B2B companies to improve cash flow. It involves selling or transferring receivables, such as invoices, to a third-party financial institution called a factor. The factor then pays the company a portion of the due amount, in this case 85%, up front. Once the customer (account debtor) pays the amount due, the factor pays the remaining balance, minus a fee, to the customer. Factoring can provide a business with immediate funding and can be a great option for businesses that have difficulty obtaining traditional financing.