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The Challenges and Rewards of Business

The challenges and rewards of owning and operating a business are frequent topics of conversations between business owners, and one of the most common challenges is slow-paying customers creating cash flow problems. If it’s true that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, then the weakest link in the cash flow chain is the slowest-paying customer, and that one entity can create challenges for every company below that link. Factoring can create a solution to the effects of that weak link!

Factoring is a financing product used by B2B companies to improve cash flow by selling or transferring receivables, such as invoices, to American Bank Business Finance. We advance a portion of the invoice amount, usually 85%, the next business day. Once the customer (account debtor) pays the amount due, the factor pays the remaining balance, less any additional fees, to the customer. Factoring can provide a business with immediate funding and can be a great option for a business that has difficulty obtaining traditional financing.

Our factoring solutions allow a B2B company to quickly leverage their receivables and access the cash they need to pay bills, purchase inventory, and maintain operations without having to wait for customer payments. We provide quick access to cash with next business day funding, competitive rates, and flexible terms.

We understand that each company is unique, and factoring/accounts receivable financing solutions should be tailored to the individual needs of a business. We have the resources and experience to customize a solution to fit your specific situation, and our Dallas, TX based team supports clients in all continental US time zones.

If your business provides great services or products but simply suffers from stress created by sluggish cash flow, then come see us in Dallas, Irving, and Frisco, or call our Factoring team at 214-801-0627 or e-mail

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