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What types of industries factor?

Accounts receivable financing, or factoring, is a great solution for any company that is business-to-business oriented, has credit-worthy accounts receivable, and wants better control of their cash flow. It also fits almost any industry where work is performed by badged employees and where that work does not involve insurance claims. 

Our portfolio members generally fall into these industry groups: 

  • Government contracting 
  • Oilfield services 
  • Temporary staffing 
  • Consulting (Business, Management, Technical) 
  • Transportation/Distribution 
  • Manufacturing/Fabrication 
  • Telecommunication/Information Technology 
  • Janitorial/Facilities Maintenance  
  • Printing/Recycling 

Of course, there are exceptions to most rules. Let’s talk about how factoring can help accelerate you cash flow!* 

*Subject to credit approval. 

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